Angel Broking Review And Brokerage Information


In this article, I am going to present a detailed review of Angel Broking and service offered by them.

They have been in brokerage industry since 1987 and have good customer ratings. Their trading platforms are regarded as one among the top trading software and advisory services is also top notch.


Angel Broking Overview:

Angel Broking belongs to Full service broker category and hence they offer services in many areas such as

  • Equities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Commodities
  • IPOs
  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
  • Life Insurance

Its Managing Director Mr. Dinesh Thakker started as a small broker but he has built the Angel Broking very well.

Angel Broking is headquarted at Mumbai and has strong network of 8500+ sub brokers across 900+ cities across India.

Its current customer base is more than 10 lakhs.

Angel Broking Brokerage Charges:

Angel broking brokerage charges depends on the initial deposit provided. While opening the account, you can provide the cheque and it will be credited to your trading account.

If you give higher amount, the brokerage fees are reduced. They have four different plans as per the this scheme.

  1. Angel Classic: Margin amount is Rs 10,000 to Rs 24,999
  2. Angel Preferred : Margin amount is Rs Rs 25,000 to Rs 49,999
  3. Angel Premier : Margin amount is Rs 50,000 to Rs 99,999t
  4. Angel Elite : Margin amount is Rs 1 Lakh and more

Angel Classic and Angel Preferred Plans:

SegmentAngel ClassicAngel Preferred
Equity Delivery0.32%0.40%0.224%0.280%
Equity Intraday & Futures0.032%0.040%0.0224%0.0280%
Nifty OptionsRs 40/lotRs 50/lotRs 32/lotRs 40/lot
Other OptionsRs 80/lotRs 100/lotRs 64/lotRs 80/lot
Currency OptionsRs 6.4/lotRs 8/lotRs 5.6/lotRs 7/lot
Currency Futures0.160%0.02%0.0112%0.0114%
Commodity DeliveryNA0.3%NA0.30%
Commodity Intraday & Futures0.0184%0.23%0.0152%0.019%

Angel Premier and Angel Elite Plans:

SegmentAngel PremierAngel Elite
Equity Delivery0.176%0.220%0.128%0.160%
Equity Intraday & Futures0.01760.0220%0.0128%0.0160%
Nifty OptionsRs 24/lotRs 30/lotRs 16/lotRs 20/lot
Other OptionsRs 48/lotRs 60/lotRs 32/lotRs 40/lot
Currency OptionsRs 4.8/lotRs 6/lotRs 3.2/lotRs 4/lot
Currency Futures0.088%0.011%0.008%0.01%
Commodity DeliveryNA0.3%NA0.30%
Commodity Intraday & Futures0.012%0.015%0.0088%0.011%

Angel Broking Transaction Charges:

These charges are almost equal in all brokerage houses. So there wont be much difference as far as this charges are concerned.

Transaction Charges0.00325% of Total Turnover
STT0.0126% of Total Turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp DutyVaries from state to state
GST18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

Angel Broking Demat Account Opening Charges:

Good thing is, account opening charges are Zero in Angel Broking. Also the Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) is waived off depending upon the plans.

In Angel Preferred, AMC is Zero for first year and Rs 450/year is charged second year onwards. Similarly Angel Premier and Elite has ZERO AMC charges for first two and three years respectively.

It is important to note that, trading account AMC is free for all schemes.

How to Open Angel Broking Demat Account?

To open a demat account with Angel Broking, you just need to follow below steps,

  • Fill Up the Angel Broking Contact Form
  • Angel Broking sales team will contact you
  • An appointment will be fixed as per your convenient
  • Their representative will visit you
  • You need to provide the documents like aadhaar card, Pan card and/or other Proof of Identity/Address
  • Account is usually activated in one working day

Angel Broking Trading Platforms:

Being a leading brokerage house, they have invested heavily in developing the advanced trading platforms.

They offer trading platforms for Web, Desktop and Mobile devices.

Angel Broking App Review:

The app is for the customer who wish to trade on the go. It can be downloaded and installed from play store and App store.

One can trade across all segments though this app and see the live ledger .

Angel Broking Speed Pro (Desktop Software) Review:

This software has to be installed to your laptop or desktop. It is useful for high speed traders.

It comes with lot of features , 30 day intraday and 20 years EOD data. 70+ technical indicators are also available.

Angel Eye (Browser based) Review:

No need to install any softwares. Can be accessed from anywhere. But the feature are less compared to Speed PRO.

Exposure/Margin/Leverage provided by Angel Broking:

Exposure provided by Angel Broking is as Follows,

  • Equity Delivery : Upto 20x
  • Equity Intraday : Upto 40x
  • Equity Futures : Upto 10x
  • Equity Options: Upto 10x
  • Currency Futures : Upto 5x
  • Currency Options : Upto 7x
  • Commodities : Upto 10x

Advantages and Disadvantages of Angel Broking:

I am providing the Pros and Cons of Angel Broking below,


  • One of the most trusted brand of India
  • Advanced trading platforms
  • New investment vehicle based on Artificial Intelligence (ARQ)
  • Large network of sub brokers and franchises
  • Good team of research analysts providing research reports and tips


  • Minimum brokerage charges is Rs 30 irrespective of size of the investment
  • No brokerage calculator as available with discount brokers.

Angel Broking Review – Conclusion :

What I feel is, their marketing team is very competitive and probably first to see the necessity of a Robo advisor.

Sharekhan followed very late compared to ARQ. So with latest tools and platforms, along with the attractive brokerage plans, you may consider Angel Broking.

But I advise you to negotiate hard for lower brokerage while opening the demat account. Yes, it is possible to get some discount and you should never miss it!



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