Comparison and Reviews of Best Stock Brokers in India

Through this website, I am trying to bring out the top stock brokers in India. I have accounts with most of these best stock brokers of India and hence I will be writing detailed review of each one of them in coming days.

Initially, I wanted to make a combined list of top 10 stock broker of India, later I decided to split them into two categories namely,

  1. Discount Stock Brokers
    • Discount brokers are known for charging lower fee than the full service brokers and provide trading facility at bare minimum cost.
    • The brokerage is fixed per trade irrespective of trade/investment amount
  2. Full Service Stock brokers
    • Full Service brokers offer multiple products apart from buying and selling of shares
    • They charge brokerage in percentage basis hence it is very high compared to discount brokers

I am sure, you will agree that it is extremely difficult to rank these brokers because of the cut throat competition among them.

However, I have used below parameters to rank them.

  • Customer Service
  • Trading Platforms
  • Brokerage and Margin provided
  • Research, advisory and reports
  • Experience and reputation

Major Indian Discount Brokers

Below is the list of top 10 discount brokers in India, select the broker which suits best for you. Keep in mind account with most of the below brokers can be opened online without visiting their offices.



Major Indian Full Service Brokers

Below table lists some of the reputed full service brokers of India.Some of them are in market for more than three decades. However their brokerage is percentage based and hence high for higher investments.